Guest Blog Post: Frugal Roadtripping with Kara Perez


This blog post originally appeared on personal finance writer Kara Perez’s blog From Frugal To Free, sharing her know-how on living an adventurous life on a low income!


Kara and her best friend in Colorado

For those of you who follow me on Twitter, you may have seen a picture or two of my recent road trip. The boy and I hopped in a car for eight days and meandered through Texas, New Mexico, Colorado and Utah. It was our first trip together Continue reading

If I can have only one credit card, which one should it be? And why?


I often get a simple request from readers in the US:

Question: If I am going to get just one credit card, which is the best?

So, let me make it simple for you. For most people:

Answer: Chase Sapphire Preferred


The go-to card for those new to the game. Photo courtesy of

The benefits Continue reading

How to score bargain flights, get into airline lounges and win the Green Card Lottery


I have recently jumped on board as a contributing editor for Point Hacks, which provides Australians with the best frequent flyer deals, bonuses and ways to use your points.

Check out my Q&A with them here.


Hitting the slopes before resting sore feet in the free onsen (hot springs) in Nozawa Onsen, Japan





My mum and I decided to go to India for two weeks in January 2016 on a mum-and-son trip. My mum is a counsellor and has worked with a lot of skilled Indian migrants to Australia over the years, and she wanted to better understand their culture.

India had always been on my bucket list as it is such an important country, with predictions that it will have the largest population by 2022, already having the world’s third-largest economy.


Jetting off from Sydney Airport. Our one-way flight to Kochi with AirAsia via Kuala Lumpur was only 340 USD. Mum flew back from Delhi to Sydney direct with Air India and I went to San Francisco on Lufthansa.

In terms of cost, we averaged 38 USD/day for 14 days including accommodation in private rooms at budget to mid-range hotels, eating out for every meal, all intercity transport, and the occasional private tour guide at attractions. I would consider India to be cheap and good value.

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Australian Wanderlust Sale


A great deal for Australian readers

Qantas has a great Wanderlust sale until February 15 and is excellent value for trips from Australia to Asia, the US and Chile. Highlights from Sydney include:

  • Thailand, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong and China for under 800 AUD
  • Los Angeles, San Francisco and Dallas/Fort Worth for under 1250 AUD
  • Santiago for under 1300 AUD

Santiago, Chile

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Some of the fun of traveling as been taken out due to lengthy waits at airport security, immigration and customs.

ctp airport

Lines can be a headache

Luckily, if you are a US citizen or permanent resident, you can save your precious time by signing up for TSA Pre-Check and/or Global Entry.

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I recently went for a long-weekend trip to New Orleans with my good friend Thom (who has written on this blog about living a location-independent lifestyle).


We found NOLA to be a fun, culturally-diverse and beautiful holiday destination.

Below are our own tips as well as those that we received from our friends and family that have also visited the city.  Continue reading